The Las Vegas Screenplay Contest is an open competition for amateurs and seasoned professionals alike. Although screenplays are judged on the quality of the writing and story (see Judges Criteria), elements such as proper formatting, spelling and length can also have an effect on the impact of a submission.  

Follow these simple tips to be sure your submission has the biggest impact on our judges as possible:

Submit your script in proper screenplay format. Correct formatting is most easily achieved by using screenwriting software made for industry standards. These programs can be expensive but automatically render your script in feature format.  Many books are also available that demonstrate and teach proper screenplay formatting. 

Format can also include using the correct script elements such as Scene Headings, Action, Dialogue and others. Again, screenwriting programs automatically insert these elements, but it is still important to understand and use them properly. Books on screenwriting and online tutorials are ways to research the use of proper script elements.

Remember to numbers your pages but do not add scene numbers to your pages. This is not a production draft of your script. In addition, do not show any personal information within the pages of your script, such as your name in the header.

Proofread your script carefully. Simple spelling errors can pull a reader from your story. Continuity is crucial. Remember, once you upload your script and submit, you cannot go back and make changes.

The Las Vegas Screenplay Contest holds no rights to your script and wants you to be comfortable in submitting it. Although not a requirement for submission, we recommend you register and/or copyright your script for your own protection. Scripts can be registered at the Writers Guild of America []. Copyrighting is a more complex procedure but holds stronger rights of ownership.

Good luck!