The Las Vegas Screenplay Contest demonstrates the highest standards of ethics and honesty in this competition. All scripts are judged anonymously. Judges are unable to identify a script with any individual contestant during the judging stages. Each submitted script is assigned a unique identifying code number and judging results will be recorded based on this number alone. Judges will assign scores based on a list of criteria and their own expertise as professional screenplay readers.  The total scores from all judges will determine advancement in the competition.

Each category (or genre) will have its own panel of judges chosen for their experience and knowledge of that category of film. Each category is assured evaluation by those that understand the particulars of each genre. 


Each genre will compete in judging rounds to qualify for advanced rounds and an eventual winner. New panel members may substitute in advanced rounds. Each round of judging brings an increased scrutiny on the Judging Criteria

First Qualifying Round

Competition begins with the First Qualifying Round, judged by a panel of industry-experienced script readers. The top scoring 25% of all entries will advance to the Second Qualifying Round. 

Second Qualifying Round

The top 10% scored scripts in this round move on the Quarter Final Round. 

Quarter Final Round

This round narrows down the competition to the top 25 scripts from each category. Winners will move on to the Semi-Final Round.

Semi-Final Round

The Semi-Final Round. Winners of this round will advance to the top ten in each category move to the Finals Round.

Finals Round

It is winners take all in the exciting Final Round. This is the ultimate test of the best in the competition.