Judges will be evaluating submissions on a tight set of criteria as well as their own honed instincts derived by their years of experience in script assessment.  Each script will be given a numeric score of 1 to 10 based on the following criteria:

Plot – An original story brought to life on the page.

Structure – Transitions, act breaks and the build to something brilliant.

Characters – Vivid, living characters that are believable and relatable. 

Dialogue – The greatest tool of the screenwriter. Dialogue should enthrall the reader’s attention. 

Pace – A complete story where not a single word is wasted and not a single scene unneeded. 

Continuity – The entire script holds together with the previous elements all working together. 

Commercial Appeal – The potential for a script being in actual production for a real audience.

Overall Impact – The pure emotional impact on the reader.